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Air Duct Cleaning

Deep Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air duct cleaning is among the most important cleaning services of your home. 

Yes, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are much more visible when its time 

to clean them. However, air duct cleaning is the service the mainly controls the

quality of air flowing around your home. It starts from the main return that intakes 

the air from within your home. Then it filters the air and blows it right back into the 

air duct system all around your home. 

Therefore, if your main return is dusty, also, if you have not replacted the filters, 

then you will experience a much higher than normal dust particles in the air. 

Therefore, the carpet, upholstery and counter tops will also suffer the extra dust. 

But must more important is yours and your family's health.

Avoid the higher rate of Asthma and clean your air duct today.

Full Process Air Duct Cleaning

A proper air duct cleaning should be done with a Neg Air machine. However, that 

is only true when a periodical maintenance is done on the unit. The Neg Air 

machine will circulate the air inside your air duct system into a strong spiral that 

clears within our commercial unit fliters. That will cause the the whole system to 

get rid of the floating dust. Nevertheless, if the unit has not been properly

maintained, a second procedure should take place, and that is strong agitation. By inserting a spinning brush with a strong vacum 

we are able to heavily agitate the tough and sticky dust from the corners and eventually into our Neg Air commercial filter machine.

The clean air blowing in your home after our air duct cleaning process will improve the quality of air that you breathe tramadously. Please contact Green Carpet Cleaning Plano for a detailed consultation about our air duct cleaning service.

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