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Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Experts

When it comes to your area rug cleaning, you should not compromise on the quality of work. Moreover, when it comes to cleaning a wool rug or oriental rug, it takes years of experience and increedible knowledge. In case your area rug is only a bit dusty, then of course it is much more simple to approach the cleaning of the rug. However, when you have any stains, pet stains, and heavy foot traffic on your area rug, you should consult an expert in order to give it the best cleaning process. Wool rugs and oriental rugs are made of natural fiber, moreover, many of them are hand made. Therefore, the color of the rug is holding on to the rug like a piece of art. So, when it comes to cleaning the rug, a great measure of safety should be practiced. 

This area rug cleaning process is not new to us. For over a decade we have perfected our area rug cleaning methods in order to give you the best experience and best results. Therefore, if your precious rug is due for a thorough cleaning, please consults one of our area rug cleaning specialists in order to achieve the best results.

Pick Up and Delivery Area Rug


We now offer both pick up and delivery and on site area rug cleaning 

service. Here we will try to elaborate on each process and method, so you 

will know which service is better for your needs.

Pick and Delivery Area Rug Cleaning

Pick up and deilvery area rug cleaning service is a dry cleaning service. We

Pick up the rug and bring it into our facility for a slow process that will 

thoroughly clean your rug. Hand made rugs and any other gentle rug 

that needs a deep cleaning and spot removal will get a much better care 

with our dry cleaning method. 

On Site Area Rug Cleaning

Over the past 10 years the area rug industry has drastically changed. Ever

since the last economy harship, customers are much less liekly to send their

area rug to a dry cleaning facility. The reason is the slow the thorough

process also cost much more than a rug cleaning on site. Therefore, new

and professional area rug cleaning products and techniques were invented,

just so we can use our truck mount and portable steam cleaning machine to give a a real deep and through cleaning as well. However, the best part of it is the lower prices that we can offer.

So, for more information about our area rug cleaning service, please contact Green Carpet Cleaning Plano.