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Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Over the years we have improved and perfected our carpet cleaning

process in many ways. Here we would like to elaborate about our

carpet cleaning service, so you know the type of quality that we offer.

First, we strongly believe that a thorough understanding of the job will

make it perfect. And, we know carpet all the way through.

We understand the difference between synthetic and natural fibers.

In addition, synthetic carpets have two types, polyaster and nylon,

which act somewhat different from each other. Also, the PH level of

the fiber is what balances the color and brightness. All of which are

extrememly important to understand in order to compose the best

formula of carpet cleaning products to your carpet. In addition, the

right adjustment to pressure and heat will also help us penetrate

deeper into the carpet and remove the toughest stains.

So, in order to better understand our carpet cleaning method,

we will break it down into several steps. These steps allow us to

execute better jobs and much more consistant.

Walk Through and Analyze

We find it most important to thoroughly walk through your home and examine all the troubled areas on your carpet. As you may know, different stains demand a different product to be paired with. We do not want to create a reaction of a certain stain to the wrong product. Therefore, we take our time to analyze and asses the situation before we decide on the right approach.

Pre-Treat The Carpet

Once we have noted all the troubled area and the corresponding approach, we prepare our pre treatment formula. In addition, on some areas we may need to spot individually with a stronger potency for best results. However, this step of the carpet cleaning is getting the stains treated and agitated for the upcoming heat and steam.

Steam Cleaning and Strong Suction

Now that everything is properly treated, we continue with the carpet cleaning procedure. We fire up the machine and begin the steam cleaning process. We work backword with the steam cleaning wand, so the carpet stay fresh and fluffed in all areas after we are done.

Repeat Pre-Treatment Stage if Necessary

In some extreme cases a second round of spotting and treatment will be necessary. If we go over an area that has a stain that has not been removed, we go back right at it. We spot the area again and again until we get as much as possible off the carpet.

Final Walk Through

Once we are finished with the carpet cleaning job we make sure with the customer that we have exceeded the expectations and he is happy and satisfied with the job. 

For more information about our carpet cleaning service and availability, please contact Green Carpet Cleaning Plano.