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Pet Stain Removal


Our Pet Stain Removal Formula

When it comes to carpet cleaning and pet stain removal, a great technique

and years of experience will definitely be of great help. However, when you

have a special formula with 100% pure anti bacterial products composing it,

you will get much better results. First, we would like to take you on a tour to

the inside of your carpet so you understand the pet stain removal issue


In the vast majority of residential carpet you will find the carpet laying on

top of a pad. In addition, the carpet has two main factors to it, the fibers,

and the bottom of the carpet. So when we look on a profile of your carpet,

we can see the pad, the bottom of the carpet, and the soft fibers on top. 

Once you have any stain, and in particular, pet stain reaching to the pad and

the bottom of your carpet, removing it becomes that much harder.

It takes a real experts to be able to penetrate the carpet all the way to the

pad and gently extracting everything out without drenching the pad with

loads of product and water. Therefore, when it is time to call a professional

pet stain removal company, please make sure you get the best one.

Addressing the pet stain without using the proper products and equipment

could get your carpet to look and smell much worse than before.

Use Only A Professional Grade

Pet Stain Removal

Regular soap or anyt other stain remover on a pet stain will not get the job done. The pet stain consists of a strong and vibrant yellow color. Also, and much more important, your pet stain consists of bacteria that rapidly growth on your carpet and pad if not treated properly.

Therefore, when you treat your pet stain with a products that is not 100% pure anti bacterial, you are just adding more food for the bacteria to keep on growing on. So, it is highly important that you consult a professional carpet cleaning service in order to remove the pet stain off your carpet the right way.

For more information about our pet stain removal service, please contact Green Carpet Cleaning Plano.