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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

Upholstery cleaning is a general term for cleaning an uphosltered piece of

furniture. Mostly uphosltery cleaning is geared for a sofa, chair, couch, and 

even car seats. The method of uphosltery cleaning is very similar to carpet 

cleaning. We have several stages of upholstery cleaning that we will discuss

shortly. However, there are some cases where the upholstery cleaning will 

demand a dry cleaning method, and that is normally with a velvet sofa.

Of course we offer all uphosltery cleaning solutions, including leather sofa


However, here we would like to elaborate more about our uphosltery 

cleaning process for the typical sofa at your home that need a good powerfull

steam and shampoo. 

Looking Through The Cushions

Our first step when it comes to upholstery cleaning is flipping around all the 

cushions and looking for stand out stains we need to address. The typical 

stains we normally find on your sofa or couch are food and drinks. In addition, 

many of the upholstery cleaning projects we are called to are due to pet

accidents. Therefore, we need to apply extra strength formula in order to 

penetrate the cushion deep inside. Also, brushing and agitating the troubled

areas is neceesary in order to reach as far in as we can and dissolve the stubborn stains. 

Spotting and Pre Treating

Once we have located that troubled area, we then approach to spot and pre treat the stains. That allows the formula extra time to settle in and dissolve the stains. Also, if we have treated pet stains with our anti bacterial, it also allows it the dissolve the proteins of the bacteria for best results.

Steam Cleaning the Uphosltery

Now that all is spotted and treated, we can bring in our special uphosltery tool in order to penetrate all tough corners of your uphosltery and reach every spot. Having the correct upholstery tool is vital for the success of the job and we always make sure we have the best tools and products for the job.

Repeat the Process if Necessary.

Once we are done we make sure we go over all the cushions and troubled areas to confirm its clean. If necessary we will go repeat the spotting stage and steaming again until we reach maximum results.

For more information about our upholstery cleaning service, please contact Green Carpet Cleaning Plano.